Drink More Water


In a recent post I mentioned that drinking water is in my opinion one of the first and best steps to take in clean eating. As I was writing I thought about how often we have a hard time drinking water. Most of the time I hear people give 4 reasons why they do not drink enough water. 1. Don’t like the taste. 2. Forgetting to drink. 3 Makes me feel bloated. 4 keep running to the bathroom.

pexels-photo-113734 I don’t like the taste Reason number one is, “I don’t like the way water taste.” I think this is a valid point. Water really can have a wide range of taste and some of it really is yuck!

There are a few things that contribute to how water taste. Spring water (not bottled spring water) I mean right from a spring that is pure if often sweet and can leave a faint after taste like honey. Other water can have a soft texter to it, while water heavy with trace minerals can actually feel heavy in your mouth. If you have really bad tasting water go with an bottle water option or a water delivery service. If you want to use your tap water look into a water purification system. There is also boiling your water. Boiling water can actually improve its taste and texture.  

Fruit infused water This is one of my favorite ways to drink water. Cut up fresh fruit like strawberries, lemons, whole blueberries ect. Not only will it improve the taste, but its pretty too.


Forgetting To Drink Water You just have no idea how many options there are for reminding you to drink water. From apps to smart water bottles that connect to your phone. The Drinkup water bottle connects to your smart phone and prompts you to drink water by sending you reminders. You can even send reminders to friends and family if they have the water bottle as well.DrinKup Bottle -Screen-Shot-2018-05-31-at-2.34.42-PM

Feeling Bloated or Running to the Bathroom These two reasons are related. As said before your body needs water to flush itself. When the body is starved of water the body will hold on to what little it has. When you first start drinking water you may feel sick and bloated because the body has not been able to throw the toxins out. As the body flushes it stirs up the toxins to get them up and out of you. The bloated feeling will go away if you keep at it. (Don’t drink too much in one setting) The running to the bathroom is about the same. The body has been holding on to wast without the power of water to push it out,now it has water and its going to flush you out. Once you are in the habit of drinking enough water you will not have to go as often once your body is adjusted.

9 Health Benefits of Drinking more Water

  1. Improved Sleep
  2. Alertness
  3. Improved Energy
  4. Healthy Appetite
  5. Clear skin
  6. Better circulation
  7. Prevents Dehydration
  8. Regulates body temperature
  9. Weight Loss




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