Little by Little


Eating healthy can seem overwhelming for some people when they are just starting at. If you look up healthy diets you will be shown a vast and colorful variety of diet plans to choose from. Which one do you choose. In my personal opinion, I find that introducing healthy eating a little at a time is a great way to go about it. In post about the importance of drinking water I talk about starting off with just drinking more water. Each day or each week if you want pick something healthy to add to your diet. Don’t start out by taking things away from your diet, instead get excited about the healthy foods you are about to start enjoying. Health starts in the mind and having a positive outlook on what you are about to do will go longer in keeping you on your dreams and goals for a healthy happy you. Here are some things you can start to incorporate into your daily life.

Eat more fruit in the warm weather. Cut up fruit and make fruit cups and you can quickly grab out of the refrigerator. You can eat these as they are or add yogurt and granola for a heavy snack or light breakfast. (Add bananas to fill you up and make a heavier meal.)


Drink fruit infused water  

gourmet-salad-lunch-breakfast-51948Savory Dinner Treat yourself with a savory vegetable and meat dinner. Make a special lunch or dinner for yourself with these easy savory meat and veggie meals.

Healthy Snacking. You can add a healthy snack to your snacking options. Try adding a piece of fruit, or a handful of raw nuts to replace one of your usual snacks.

Try heavy salads. Don’t go with a boring side salad instead make a heavy salad as your main or only dish. I have had some amazing salads that were packed with more than just lettuce. Try adding protein to your salad, like salmon, chicken or shrimp. Here is a Spicy Sweet Chicken & Peach Salad with Honeyed Pecans you may enjoy from “Clean Eating” magazine. I recommend checking out their website for some really amazing recipes.


Take a walk. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air in your lungs. You can make it a rapid walk or just a leisurely stroll. The point of the walk is to clear your mind and refresh your body with oxygen. This is all part of developing a healthy mindset about living healthy.

Deal with stress in a healthy way. We all have stress, some of it is good and some is detrimental to you. Know there are some things you really have no control over. Talk to yourself and tell yourself to let these things go they are taking up valuable space in your mind that could be used to manage issues that you really do have control over. Take up a fun hobby. Taking up a hobby is another way to deal with stress, you are giving  your brain time to relax and decompress.pexels-photo-1234035

Meditation, prayer, stillness. Whatever your personal religious views or none religious views, take time to still your mind. Start with just 5 min a day. Still the noise in your mind each day and come to a feeling of peace and oneness with yourself. I recommend picking a pleasant thought to hold in your mind such as an image of something that makes you feel calm and happy. This may be the thought of a flower or a nature scene that you have seen before or a place you have been and found relaxing.

Remember take it a little at a time and don’t stress or overwhelm yourself, its a pleasant walk not a race. Enjoy


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