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Healthy Hair


1.Good shampoo and Conditioner 

Stay away from shampoos that contain silicone, sulfates, and alcohols. These products damage and break hair down over time.

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2. Cold water rinse.

Rinse and condition your hair in cold water, this will help to seal the moister into your hair.

3. Use natural Oils

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From time to time your hair may need a boost. Try Coconut oil or sweet almond oil to help rejuvenate dry hair and add a healthy shine.

4. Silk pillow case


You have probably heard of this one before. Sleeping on silk cuts down on the amount of friction on your hair as you move at night. The silk can prevent the hair from becoming frizzed and breakage.

5. Condition before swimming


Before you jump into the pool this summer make sure to lather your hair up with conditioner. This will help prevent damage from the chlorine in the water

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Summer Hair Color

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The warm weather is on its way soon and for those of us who love our wig accessories it’s time to prep your hair care routine. During the warm months wigs can become hot. I  have a few recommendations that might keep you cooler this year.

Wear half wigs. I tried a few half wigs recently that were about the same color as my natural hair texture and color. A half wig is not really half its more like 2/3rds a wig. The front is left where your natural hair can be out. This drastically cuts down on heat as more heat can escape from the uncovered portion of your head.

s-l1600 (8)Only wear breathable caps. You should never wear poorly constructed caps that do not give your head breath ability. Also if you wear stocking caps opt for the fishnet style instead of the opaque nylon type.

Shorter hair. Try going shorter for the summer.

Braid your long wig. If you want a long style try braiding your wig into a ponytail, or try an up-do style.

Extra washing. Remember to wash your wigs more often in warm weather. You are sweating probably more than you realize. Keep your wig and your own hair properly washed and dried.

Here are a few styles you may enjoy for spring and summer. You can click the image or link below it to be taken to the product.



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