Getting Ready for the New Year

Setting Goals

Christmas is over and right or wrong the next thing on my mind is the upcoming new year. I’m happy to say I really feel like I accomplished a lot this year and I am looking to make this next year twice as productive. This last year I really got into my vision board. Combining my board with a journal and diary has been very helpful. But I see areas to improve. Here are some tools that I would like to share with you in hopes that some of them will be useful to you in your day to day life and business quest.

Diary and Journal

Want to learn about diary vs journal? Check out Just Plan Books

Vision Boards

What is a Vision Board?

How to make a vision board

Get Organized

How to get Organized

More ways to stay organized

Apps to help you stay on track

Need help staying on task with your goals for 2023? Here are 13 of The 13 Best Goal-Tracking Apps to help you out.


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