Holiday Coffee Ideas



Garlic butter baked salmon

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Health Benefits of eating Salmon

1. Can help prevent inflammation

2. Helps protect brain health

3. Can improve mental health

4.Maintain healthy vision

5.  It Improves Your Skin Health

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Honey Garlic Salmon

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The 30 BEST Salmon Recipes


Fall Coffee

I love my Pumpkin Spice, this year however I have a new favorite Starbuck’s Fall Blend is for me a grown up new autumn love. My husband picked it up while on a camping trip where I forgot the coffee grinder. It was a happy oversight I fell in love with the deep woodsy taste of this seasonal coffee.

Click Here to learn about Starbucks Promise to sustainability


Its that time of year to make home cozy ( a thing we try to do all year around) but it is really cozy time now. September has been Pumpkin spice and Autumn inspired coffees I’m in the mood now to make everything around me cozy now. Here are a few ideas that I cam across online and I hope that they will help to make your entire holiday season bright.
24 Ways To Have A Cozy Holiday Season

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10 Cozy Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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25 Best Fall Cocktails

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Taking Business Mobile

I am setting on the coast overlooking the ocean it is beautiful! Last night I watched the stars over head come out far away from lights of a big city. It feels like an over due vacation, but this is not a vacation. This year we took our business mobile. Up coming post will update you to what those changes mean.

Last post I talked about how to set up a home office, this post I want to help you unplug a little and take your office with you while relaxing in your favorite environments.

Internet connection. It’s key to have a good way to access the internet as most of you know already if you have been working from home already. I try to check coverage areas before I travel to an area. Pull up your service providers coverage map. I strongly recommend that you go with a larger provider to give yourself more travel freedom.

Last week we were in an area with redwoods and while beautiful and my service provider covered the area the trees drastically affected my ability to get much of a signal.

Stay Organized and plan ahead. Sometimes you can have so much fun you lose track of time. While I’m out its still important to keep online and phone appointments, meet and hit deadlines. Organization is key. I like to set down and plan out my week the same as I normally would, only I have adventures now tucked away with my work. Keep all of your business separate from your personal things.