hydrogen peroxide


Whitening toothpaste

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make homemade toothpaste that will also


Antiseptic Mouth Rinse

Use a cap full of hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse to help whiten teeth and kill germs that cause bad breath. You can also disinfect your toothbrush with it.


Whitening Nails

Fill a bowl of warm water and mix with an equal parts hydrogen peroxide. Soak your fingertips and toes in mix to whiten your nails. You can also add baking soda to the water just be careful not to over soak. Both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can dry your skin out and cause burns if you over dry your skin.


Acne face wash 

Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and rub over face for a as a face rinse. What this is doing is killing the bacteria that are causing acne breakouts.


Hydrogen peroxide is a natural antiseptic; therefore one of its most common uses is to clean wounds to prevent infection.


Coconut Oil and Honey Coffee

I don’t know about you but I really love my coffee. Just the smell of it can make you feel Happy. Recently I have been trying to improve the quality of my over all health and started thinking about the amount of sugar that I drink.

I don’t really care for imitation sweeteners, so I thought I would try honey. Now real honey as you may know can have a strong taste and can be a little over powering, so I thought I would cut the taste with a little cinnamon. I had recently done some research on coconut oil a thought about trying it in my coffee as well. Why not make it a super charge health drink.

Now before I talk about the health benefits I want you to know I drank this for about two weeks and started feeling a huge change in my over all energy level.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is mainly made up of medium chain fatty acids  or  medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) These are easily and quickly converted by our bodies into energy much faster that other oils and fats. Coconut oil is also an immune system booster and an anti-viral agent. Look for organic coconut oil for more benefits. Please see my other post on coconut oil here.

Honey (Pure and Raw)

Honey is rich in antioxidants and helps with your cholesterol. Both the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used for its healing properties. The records they kept mention honey as early  back as Aristotle’s time in 384 BC.

One tablespoon of honey is about 64 calories and contains no fat or cholesterol but is packed with minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, trace enzymes and amino acids. Yep all that in honey.

A word of caution about honey. Once I made the sad mistake of buying what I thought was honey and turned out to be syrup. Make sure you read the label.  Your honey should be pure and uncooked. If you can buy organic honey even better. Also buying honey locally can help improve your seasonal allergies if you have them. Read more about honey Here.




Rose Beauty and Health

roses-red-roses-bouquet-of-roses-glassI think roses are one of the most beautiful flowers. My grandmother use to always have roses in her garden. My mother also loves roses and taught me how to care for them. Other than the beauty of the rose its smell is one of the most pleasant smells to the human nose.

Health benefits of roses.

I was blessed that we had so many roses growing in our yard that my mother let me play with them to make rose water. I called it perfume at the time. I would get a few handful of rose petals, rinse them in water and then stuff them into a container and fill  it with water then set it in the sun and let the water and sun create a natural pressure cooker to release the smell of the flowers. I always made too much and the large jar of rose water had to be dumped after a few days. I didn’t know then that I was really making natural rose sun tea. I was also not aware at the time that the tea was a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

For many years rose tea has been used to help to boost the immune system, elevate moods, help with stress and anxiety. It has been used as a soother for menstrual cramps. Rose tea has been used to improve moods and help with depression. The tea has detox properties and is a great way to help soothe and regulate the digestive system.

I personally use rose tea to help me relax. You can drink the tea plain or with a little lemon and honey in it. Even before you taste the tea the aroma is what greats your nose and pulls you in to take a sip. Another way I like this tea is with cinnamon. I will make some rose tea and brake  a cinnamon stick in half and drop it in the tea Cinnamon has its own healing properties and combined with rose tea you now have not only a very aromatic smelling drink you have a tea packed with immune fighting properties.

Rose Tea

To make rose tea here is what you will need:

2 Cups of rose petals that are chemical and pesticide free. (You do not want to drink toxic chemicals  in your tea.

3 Cups of water

Honey and or lemon (if desired)

Start water boiling

Wash and separate your roses

Once water is boiling dump flower petals in

Cover and turn heat off

Let steep for 5 min

You can add honey or just a squeeze of lemon. I enjoy mixing mine with honey and lemon.

Rose water

Rose water can be made in much the same way as the tea, only you will let the water cool before use and store it in a cool dark place to help preserve it. Rose water can be used in a little spray bottle and used as a mister for your face or as a makeup setting spray. You can also use rose water as a cold rinse over your hair after it is washed and conditioned. The water can also be used as a calming foot soak or in bath water if you are making large amounts.

Since roses poses antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties rose waters and oils are often used for skin care and placed in beauty products. Its properties are excellent if you have sensitive skin.

Rose oil

Damascus Roses are used many times to make rose oil. It is used because it produces a strong fragrance. The oil can be used to help lift ones mood, relieves depression and helps with anxiety and mood disorders.  The smell is calming and relaxing to the body’s nervous system. Rose oil can also be used as a home remedy to treat wounds this is because of it antiseptic properties.

Rose petal face mask

Soak 8-10 rose petals in 4 tablespoons of water for 3 hours

Mash the petals into the water.

Add 3 tablespoons of honey to the mixer

After mixing apply to entire face.

Wear the mask for on for 15-30 minutes.

Then rinse with cold water.