Simple Luxury


Coconut Oil. If you want your skin to feel amazing use coconut oil. Not only will it give your skin a beautiful warm glow but it is also really great for your skin and your hair. Browse through many luxury  skin oils and products you will find that many of them contain coconut oil and an essential oil such as lavender, used for its scent and skin healing properties. Use coconut oil as a makeup remover before washing your face. Need to get your feet beach ready? After your bath or shower (or a good foot soak) dry feet with towel and rub coconut oil. Make sure you have a towel under your feet as you do this to avoid slipping when you stand and spilling oil on the floor.


Buy a Silk Pillowcase. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase cuts down on the friction on your hair and helps to reduce waking up with line on your face.


Use Natural Fabrics on Your Bed. Use linen  or cotton sheets on your bed. Theses are natural fibers and are wonderful for their breath-ability. Try to avoid sheets that have polyester or nylon. These materials can cause you to sweat excessively at night


Buy Fresh Flowers. If nothing else this is the one I can count on. There is something amazing flowers do for a room. They bring life and energy to the spot you place them in. Even in a cluttered room flowers stand out and bring a relaxing feel to the mind.


Buy Real Cake. Don’t buy cheap sweet junk food instead splurge on real sweets. You know you are going to want sweets and that’s ok, but instead of buying something with lots of sugar and chemicals go for quality sweets, true they still have sugar, but you can cut out many chemicals and preservatives by splurging a little on sweets from a bakery where food is made fresh. You will also find that you eat less with quality sweets because many times they are made with real food ingredients that still have their nutritional value. Look for ice cream made with real milk or try  gelato.


Grow your own herbs. This is a favorite of mine. As some of you know this was my first year with an herb garden. (I got sick of buying basil and sage) I love cutting fresh herbs to go in my food while cooking or chopping them up to mix in with salads. 


Drink good tea and coffee. I don’t spare with my coffee or tea. They are strong and good. But to keep my caffeine and sugar down I will often mix it up with herbal and fruit teas adding raw honey instead of sugar. If I still want a little caffeine I opt for green or black tea with fruit flavors. Tea has less caffeine than coffee and also has a lot of health benefits .


Shop Farmers markets. I don’t really like shopping for groceries, but I love farmers markets. For me it is such a relaxing way to shop for food. The fresh air mixing with fruits and veggies just sends a sensation through my whole body. Visit your farmers market  for fresh produce and maybe some raw local honey for your tea.