Lavender and Rose Water Toner

Blue Bow Accessory


  • 4 tablespoons rose water
  • 2 tablespoons witch hazel
  • 5–10 drops rose hip oil
  • 5 drops tea tree oil
  • 5 drops lavender oil


  1. Mix rose water, witch hazel, rose hip oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil in a small glass bowl. Mix well. 
  2. Place into a small glass spray bottle.
  3. To apply, wash your face, then, eyes closed, spray the toner onto your face. You can also apply with a cotton ball. 
  4. Next apply your favorite facial moisturizer.




At Home Spa Day


This week has been rainy for me and I have not been able to work in my garden. I spent a good deal of the week fighting of the rainy weather blues too. This next week looks like rain too so I decided to have a spa day and share some of my ideas with you. In this post I am going to show you how to create a mood and atmosphere for a relaxing hour or two.

Working with your senses

Relaxing is about more than just setting down and not doing anything. It is about creating a state of relaxation for the mind and the body. Our body receives messages about the world around us through our senses, so these are the areas we will start with.


Taste I don’t know if taste comes to your mind when you think about a spa day but it definitely comes to my mind.  I like to have my favorite tea on hand for my spa day. Two teas I recommend are Rosebud tea and or chamomile tea. If tea is not your thing  fruit infused water is also nice to have on hand or your favorite coffee blend.

Touch I suggest keeping some nice and fluffy towels set aside for your spa days. Try to only use these towels for days that you want to pamper yourself. You may also want to have a plush bathrobe to wear.pexels-photo-1961785

The important thing here is you want something soft and plush making direct contact with your skin to stimulate the sensations of touch. Basically the goal is to flood all your senses with the feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Smell– Essential oils – Rose, lavender are my personal favorites. You may choose to apply these to your bath water, foot soak water or simply add to an oil diffuse lamp to scent the room you are in. You may also just want to indulge a little in your favorite perfume.

SightUse calming colors/ blue, lavender,Green, pink. You can use colored candles or white candles if you prefer. I like to get colorful scarves and lay them out either on the floor ( if I am setting in yoga style) or use them to cover the table I have my spa stuff laid out on. This just gives a pleasant look and feel to everything and creates space.

SoundThis is really your own preference. Spa music or  water sounds are wonderful background sounds but I really suggest that you pick a background sound that relaxes you. Sound is a funny thing I have often found piano or classical guitar music to be very relaxing background sounds also.pexels-photo-931004.jpeg

Other things to add

Fresh flowers. Nothing is as pleasing to see in a room than a beautiful bunch of flowers. Scented candles Candles if not using essential oils.Chocolates or some other small treats


Scroll Down For Two Spa foot soak recipes




Rose foot soak:

1 part Epsom salts

1 part Baking soda

5 drops of rose essential oils

Rose petals (optional)

Add to 1 gallon of hot water

Lavender  foot soak

1/2 cup lavender buds (fresh or dried, both work well)

10 drops lavender essential oils

1 cup Epsom salt

1 cup Kosher salt (or use 2 cups Epsom)

 Use 1/2 cup per gallon of water.

Recommended Body and Hair  Oils

Coconut oil/ Argon oil/ sweet almond oil/ grape seed oil