Clean Eating


You may have heard the term “clean eating” and like me wondered what it meant. Clean eating really is healthy eating and many of you may already practice clean eating and not know it. If you are new to clean eating this post may be helpful to give you a few  way to get started.

Drink Water

pexels-photo-1458671Water is in my opinion one of the biggest items in clean eating. No matter how much healthy food you eat it all becomes waste at some point and needs to be flushed from your body. Without enough water in your body toxic waste cannot be removed from the bowels and urine. Instead the body will look for other ways to remove these impurities. Most of the time this becomes evident in skin outbreaks  on the face. If you are lost about where to start with clean eating I recommend starting first with your water intake. Not only will if flush your body, but water helps to make your body ready to take in the nutrient rich foods that you are now adding to your lifestyle.

Swapping Poor Options for Quality


Clean eating is about replacing processed foods with whole foods, more fruits, vegetables and cutting out excessive refined sugars in your diet. Clean eating really should not be thought of as a diet but instead as a lifestyle. Personally I feel that approaching personal health from a lifestyle point of view helps me to stay on track better than a diet. The word diet has been connected so much to the stress of weight loss, that I think at times just the word sets people in the wrong mind frame for success.



Cutting back on meat and replacing it with other protein options is another way to bring clean eating options into your meals. Processed meats and animal products with growth hormones should be cut back and or eliminated from your eating habits as well. Also not eating as much meat means that you are cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions and lowering your carbon footprint by selecting alternative protein rich foods.

Start off Small


One mistake I have personally found that people make when seeking a healthy lifestyle is that they try to do too much at one time. If you already eat relatively healthy but want to improve try cutting back on a few items here and there. If you are fully brand new start out by drinking more water and adding an extra serving of fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals.

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