Tea’s For Headaches

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Many times when we have headaches it is due to tension and stress. Congestion of blood in the head will also cause pain in the head region. These types of headaches are pretty normal and should not be confused with migraine or chronic pain headaches. These last two types could be more serious and you should consult with your healthcare provider for chronic and reoccurring head pain. But for the normal everyday headache here are some herbal teas that will help to calm and sooth.

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Green tea is not recommended if you are caffeine sensitive or if you suffer from  migraine headaches as this may make your headaches worse. However if you are use to caffeine green tea could be a good option for you. If you are not sure if caffeine bothers you opt for  Peppermint tea. You can use fresh or dried leaves for your tea. Mix with a little honey, lemon, or plain if you like (I don’t recommend plain peppermint tea as the taste is not pleasant (at least to me.)

Clear Small-stemmed Glass Surrounded With Gingers

Ginger tea can be used to help with migraine headaches, but I still recommend again that if you have migraines still consult your doctor as other health issues may be involved. Ginger tea should not be consumed by pregnant woman or  people with  bleeding disorders or with gallstones. The reason that ginger works for migraines is due to  the increase serotonin your body produces when this root is used. serotonin helps stop migraine by reducing inflammation.

Chamomile tea is recommended for calming the nerves and will help to take pressure from your head by calming you down and relaxing you. It can also help relieve anxiety. It is a natural sedative and can help reduces inflammation as well as work as a natural sleep aid without any addicting side affects.


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